The Smart Urban Isle pretends to move forward with the urban energy savings. Based on a three cornerstones procedure, the SUI project aims at a whole new urban planning that allows cities to grow in a sustainable way.

Consequently, we develop an innovative new concept for city planning, where cities are arranged and grow through small integrated areas. We will probe Smart Urban Isle as innovative basic energy unit in the Smart City.

Municipalities such as Amsterdam, Winterthur, Zurich, Limassol, Iasi, Granada, Güssing through ecoEnergyLand and Santa Cruz de Tenerife have shown their interest to work hand by hand implementing the SUI outcomes.

Main areas involved are:

  • Bioclimatic design is formed by an architectural design to achieve the maximum comfort inside the building with the minimum energetic cost.
  • Management platform deals with the automatic active measures that can be taken up in the SUI. We develop a software application to control, manage and monitor the building
  • Urban Isle mini-networks will cope with how we facilitate the generation, storage and supply of energy in the SUI.

This project, labelled by JPI Urban Europe, is funded by national agencies:


Spain: CDTI (SERA-20151009)


Holland: NWO (438.15.412)


Cyprus: RPF (KOINA/ΠΚΠ/EUROPE/1214/03)


Turkey: TÜBÏTAK (116M030)


Romania: UEFISCDI, 83/2016


Austria: FFG (854816)


Switzerland: BFE (SI/402395-01)